Broschüre SPz PUMA Command and Control

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Control stations of AIFV PUMA. The primary elements of the Human-Machine Interface for commander and gunner are system control devices (so called SBG) and the central control device (so called ZBG).


Broschüre SPz PUMA Firepower

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Effective fire power is a prerequisite for maximum effectiveness and endurance in high-intensity conflicts and for appropriate responses in a range of mission scenarios with the option of escalation and de-escalation.


Broschüre SPz PUMA Logistics

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Integrated logistics support (ILS): The AIFV PUMA features a networked logistics support management system.


Broschüre SPz PUMA Mobility

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Unique propulsion concept: The AIFV PUMA features a propulsion concept which achieves maximum tactical mobility, comparable to a Leopard 2 main battle tank, while at the same time reducing noise and vibration levels for a significant reduction in crew stress.


Broschüre SPz PUMA Protection

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Advanced overall protection: PUMA’s superior level of protection is achieved by a combination of cutting-edge protection technologies.


Broschüre SPZ PUMA - englisch

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PUMA – the ultimate armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle