Advanced overall protection


The PUMA’s outstanding protection is achieved through the interaction of different elements.

  • The PUMA’s inherent protection affords its crew what is currently the world’s best combined protection against mines, shaped charges and KE ammunition as well as NBC weapons. To support this capability, it features protection technologies of the latest generation.
  • A low silhouette, smooth surfaces as well as further technical measures reduce the probability of detection.
  • Excellent optical and optronic vision equipment and sensors of the latest generation, combined with the control and display concept and the communication devices, ensure that the entire crew is integrated in the observation and reconnaissance activities. Threats will be identified early and adequate countermeasures can be initiated immediately.
  • Redundant functionalities and fall-back modes maintain the best possible operational availability, even in the event of failure of individual components.

Modular protection concept

The PUMA features a new two-level protection concept. The PUMA is Air-transportable in level A including full mine protection and ballistic protection on a high level. For air transport by the military Airbus A400M, weight reduction is achieved by simply removing the armour modules. With add-on armour elements easy to mount, it is possible to upgrade to the significantly more comprehensive level C (Combat).

The ballistic armour is designed to provide protection against hand-held anti-tank weapons, medium calibre weapons, artillery fragments and bomblets.

The mine protection is highly effective against heavy blast mines and explosiv formed projectile (EFP) mines.

Interfaces for active protection systems are already incorporated in the vehicle. Customized solutions of hardkill and softkill protection systems can be integrated without problems. For German Army the MUltifunctional Self protection System MUSS (a softkill protection system against guided missiles) is integrated into all PUMA.

The vehicle’s modular concept enables the integration of future protection technologies against future threats.


The powerpack compartment is fitted with a fire extinguishing system. The crew compartment is equipped with a fire suppression system.

The Puma features an NBC combined protection system with the additional integration of an AC sensor.

Components vital for crew survival were subjected to the hardening measures of balanced nuclear protection.

The vehicle signature has been minimized in accordance with the latest design standards.



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