Innovative chassis concept


The chassis incorporates a key PUMA concept approach, the compact, full-length crew compartment for the entire crew, i.e. driver, gunner and commander as well as the infantry squad consisting of six soldiers. This concept minimizes the volume to be protected, thus the crew protection can be maximized within the existing weight constraint.

The contiguous crew compartment is easy to air-condition and offers excellent conditions for optimum, ergonomic crew station design and crew intercommunication.

The entire control and display concept reflects the most advanced technologies. The crew stations for commander and gunner are redundant.

The chassis combines the following innovative elements:

  • A highly compact, high-performance power pack for a specific power-to-weight ratio of up to 25 kW/t
  • A decoupled running gear with hydro pneumatic elements ensures high manoeuvrability as well as vibration and noise reduction
  • A modern and weight-optimized steel track

Modern crew compartment:

  • Seat positions face-to-face
  • Ergonomic seats with belts for optimum safety and protection
  • Optronic and optical observation equipment
  • Battlefield Management System
  • Large stowage rack for flexible stowage arrangements


  • high level of off-road manoeuvrability (comparable with MBT Leopard 2)


  • NBC protection system
  • Fire suppression and extinguishing system
  • Crew compartment cooling and heating system
  • Digital electrical system
  • Built in Test Equipment (BITE)



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