Why a new armoured infantry fighting vehicle?

The primary task of the German Army is no longer the defence of national territory: instead, it is steadily evolving into a force with extensive out-of-area commitments and an increasingly global presence. This process of force transformation demands specific requirements at all levels, particularly with respect to capabilities and equipment.

Critical in this new mission profile, which encompasses peace enforcement and peacekeeping operations in an international context, are new battlefield capabilities, ensuring that German troops operating far away from home know they can count on having the ultimate in crew protection and survivability on the one hand, and overwhelming firepower and situational awareness on the other.

The new PUMA thus figures very prominently in the plans of the German Army. Many existing and well known Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicles (AIFV) designed, produced and fielded many years ago are no longer able to meet the new and future requirements. They are to be replaced by the PUMA onwards. Precisely for the kind of demanding military operations now being mandated by the UN, NATO and the EU, the PUMA displays extraordinary situational awareness, including:

  • unique level of protection and survivability;
  • outstanding manoeuvrability;
  • adequate lethality due to high firepower;
  • future oriented network enabeled warfare capability.

With this capabilities the PUMA will be first choice solution for the next decades for many Armed Forces worldwide. Among the design specifications which the new armoured infantry fighting vehicle will have to meet are:

  • maximum crew protection;
  • transportability in the future Airbus A400M transport plane;
  • rapid availability in the deployment zone at maximum protection level;
  • modularity, enabling easy upgrades and exchange of basic subsystems;
  • a contemporary, coherent fighting compartment for the crew, taking account of exacting requirements with regard to command and control, communication, protection and ergonomics
  • capability as ideal platform for many variants.

The PUMA fulfils all these requirements. These new capabilities mean that the German Army will have at its disposal a state-of-the-art, medium-weight armoured vehicle–a world-class product in the truest sense of the term, and a guarantee of total operational effectiveness when and where it counts.



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