Optimum training guaranteed


The increasing complexity of weapon systems makes careful training more necessary than ever before. It enables soldiers to have a thorough control of their weapon system and to react proper and reasonable at all times. Therefore it is crucial for the soldiers survival.

The requirements of training received the utmost attention during the concept definition phase of the PUMA. This is evidenced by the simple and ergonomic operation of the PUMA. Moreover, a whole range of training equipment for crew, driver, maintenance and logistics personnel is being developed jointly with the PUMA.

Due to these facts the PUMA training package does not represent an isolated approach. It is an integral part of the weapon system. Independent of the classic training sites, the crew is able to train scenarios in the operation area by using the Puma as a simulator. Through these specifics the training package guarantees a high efficiency for the AIFV PUMA.


  • The Combat simulator is integrated into the PUMA weapon system:
    The vehicle itself is the main training equipment for the crew. This provides an entirely new quality and intensity of training, especially in modern operational scenarios. Individuals, teams or sub-units can be trained at any time and at any location. An adequate level of training is guaranteed by always taking the situation and proficiency level of the soldiers into account. The unique simulator, called SIAM (German abbreviation for "System Integrated Training Tool"), integrated in the system, enables the tactical training of the crew according to the priciple: Train as you fight - fight as you train. In addition it also strengthens the crews confidence in their weapon system.
  • Electronic display of gun shot effects
  • Optical exterior display of the gun’s loading condition for gunnery training


  • Driver training cabin adaptable to any PUMA as a modification kit
  • Driver training simulator for an effective driver-training, independent of season and weather, by also reducing costs and preserving the environment
  • Classroom driver’s station for a step by step introduction into the drivers working-area

Maintenance and logistics personnel

  • Maintenance training equipment for training at different mechanic levels
    • Turret + commanders and gunners station
    • Hull
    • Hydrop-Elements
  • Training equipment for personnel handling ammunition and weapon


  • Computer-based training
  • Digital training aids to support instructor personnel
  • Full spectrum for stuff cadre training



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