High Technical Availability and Cost Effective Support Concept


The main objectives of the logistic support concept for the PUMA are to maintain a high level of technical availability of the weapon system and to provide a highly cost effective support system.

Besides the excellent modularity and open standard interface architecture three key design criteria maximise the availability of the PUMA for operational deployment:

  • Line Replaceable Units
  • Integrated Testing System; and
  • Interface for Automatic Data Transfer

Line Replaceable Units (LRU)
The capability of rapidly exchanging the mechanical and electronic component modules fa-cilitates easy on the spot repairs.

Integrated Testing System (BITE – Built in Test Equipment)
Functional faults of the chassis and turret are detected by the integrated testing system. This integrated testing system offers information of degraded functionality to the crew and enables maintenance personnel a rapid analysis of any problem.

Automatic Data Transfer
Faults which occur during operation are recorded in the integrated testing system. This in-formation is available in conjunction with other system data of the PUMA. The automatic data transfer optimises the administrative processes of the logistic support system.

Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)
The SPz PUMA features a networked logistic support management system. This system provides operational and technical data for the following areas:

  • Logistic Support Analysis
  • Interactive Electronic Technical Documentation
  • Special Tools & Test Equipment; and Spares

Logistic Support Analysis
The early integration of the Logistic Support Analysis has provably increased the reliability of the weapon system. The achieved reliability is despite a greater technical complexity as high as or even higher than the reliability for the MBT Leopard 2 or other modern MBT (e.g. M1 Abrams).

Interactive Electronic Technical Documentation
The Logistic Support Analysis is integrated in the Interactive Electronic Technical Documen-tation. The technical documentation is network supported and conforms with the international standards AECMA SPEC 1000D and 2000M. The Interactive Electronic Technical Documen-tation contains operational, maintenance and support data.

Special Tools & Test Equipment
The composition of the Special Tools & Test Equipment is determined in cooperation with the user. The requirements for the Special Tools & Test Equipment are reduced to a minimum because of the integrated testing system.

Through Life Support
Europe’s two leading manufacturers of armoured wheeled and tracked vehicles Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and Rheinmetall provide jointly through PSM the full range of ILS activities for the customers of its PUMA. PSM is capable of carrying out all scheduled, unscheduled or emergency maintenance or repairs as well as training, documentation and specialist military deployed activities. The customer is supported by PSM for all ILS needs such as service, spares, documentation, test equipment and training. The support is conducted by the manufacturers and in-country service network as well as in the field or mission.

Backed by the comprehensive resources of the two global organisations PSM provides engi-neering support throughout the equipment lifecycle (at least 25 years). This ensures quality, safety, post-design services and integration of all electrical, mechanical, structural and ongoing R&D aspects. PSM carries out in-depth analysis to rationalise the amount of support and test equipment needed by its customers which ensures cost-effective support.

Establishing the appropriate level of spares support requires careful analysis of reliability and maintenance data. This starts at the earliest stages of design and development and con-tinues throughout the equipment life cycle including the specially designed Integrated Testing System and Interactive Electronic Technical Documentation. PSM provides comprehensive service for initial provision and re-provision, ranging, scaling, storage, packing, transportation and delivery of its spares.

PSM evaluates, develops and manages in-house, cost-effective training programs of new equipment. Equipment orientated, custom tailored courses can be provided to its customers worldwide.
This global support capability enables customers to enjoy high level of availability of the PUMA wherever they may be.



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