The concept of the PUMA

The PUMA combines the contrary requirements for high strategic and tactical mobility on the one hand and maximum protection and maximum fire power on the other in an optimum manner in one single high-performance weapon system, capable to react adequate and flexible at any time, at any location and at any level of intensity.

Therefore the PUMA offers with its innovative and forward-looking solutions

  • optimum protection against any type of threat for maximum survivability of the crew
  • optimum armament for escalation and de-escalation in all missions
  • rapid, strategic, global deployability and high tactical mobility
  • network centric warfare capability
  • sustainability under extreme climatic conditions and inadequate infrastructural conditions

  • some important technical solutions improve the PUMA’s combat effectiveness significantly:
    • integration of the German Battlefield-Management-System "FüInfoSys"
    • integration of the German Future Soldier System "IdZ"
    • the MUltifunctional Self protection System MUSS, a softkill system against guided missiles, will be integrated
    • integration of a launcher for two missiles for the Anti Armour/Multi-Purpose Missile System SPIKE LR (EuroSpike)
  • available interfaces for:
    • identification friend-foe
    • alternative active protection systems
    • remote controlled grenade launcher